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Integrated platform of the year for online deliveries or for self-checkout sales

In 2021, we focus on two main directions of development: self-checkout technology and automation of order delivery processes.

All picking, billing and shipping processes can now be fully automated, increasing delivery capacity by up to 500%.

Along with the complete self-checkout system developed by our company, called Magister Easy Check-Out, or ECO for short, the SmartCash POS application now includes a fully adapted interface for self-service use.


SmartCash Shop & SmartCash HQ

Expeditions module through courier companies

All shipments are integrated directly into the SmartCash RMS platform, on the normal operating flow. Thus, the new shipping module allows the generation of AWBs and monitoring their status for the most important courier companies in Romania: Fan Courier, SameDay Courier, Cargus, DPD, GLS.

Modulul de Expeditii prin firme de curierat in SmartCash RMS 2021

Standardized shipping addresses

The management of billing or delivery addresses is done starting from a unique international nomenclature of localities. Any entity that supports a billing or delivery address can now have both an address in the old format and a standardized one for accurate and fast deliveries.

Adrese standardizate vs. adrese nestandardizate in SmartCash RMS

Guest customers support

In many cases, when shopping online, customers do not want to open a permanent account. For these cases, a new type of customer has been introduced, valid only in the context of open order. The option dramatically reduces the size of customer nomenclatures for store chains connected to online sites.

Suportul pentru clientii de tip "guest" in SmartCash RMS

Automation of Delivery Orders

With the new version, automation makes it unnecessary to use the delivery order control center for manual order processing. All delivery operations are naturally integrated into the SmartCash RMS operating flow resulting in a productivity increase of up to 500%.

Dispeceratul de Ordine de Livrare in SmartCash RMS 2021

Optimization of picking operations

The operations of collecting the goods to be delivered are also monitored and physically (collected vs. ordered), resulting a better control of order processing. At the same time, the reflection of the states of a command to external applications is now performed asynchronously, in the background, in order not to block the operating flow in case of transient connection interruptions.

Optimizarea operatiilor de picking pentru Comenzile de Livrare in SmartCash RMS 2021

Integration with SmartCash eCommerce Framework

The new eCommerce synchronization module ensures the bidirectional transmission, in the background, of all the information necessary for online sales between SmartCash RMS and the Smartcash eCommerce Framework platform. Because this module is installed on the central headquarter server, the hosting resources for the eCommerce site are dramatically saved.


The Control Center for Delivery Orders

The control center for monitoring online orders has been optimized and new features have been added to make it easier to manage the stages of each order.

Dispeceratul de Ordine de Livrare in SmartCash RMS 2021

New types of operational recipes

To better manage volume sales or package promotions, we introduced two new types of operational recipes: Promotions and Grouping. Both help a lot, especially the cash & carry formats, where the sale of groupages is more frequent.

Retetele de tip Promotie si de tip Grupaj in SmartCash RMS 2021


SmartCash POS

Self-checkout operation mode

The new sales interface, available together with the Magister ECO self-checkout hardware platform, ensures the direct registration by customers of the purchased products, as well as the verification using scales for shopping baskets up to 30 Kg. All at a fraction of the price of other similar EU products.


Support for the second generation of Global Payments banking terminals

With the second generation of the Global Payments communication protocol, now all receipts or settlements can be listed directly on the fiscal printer, using simple pin-pads connected to the POS as a banking terminal.


Support for most bank payment terminals on the market

Alături de integrarea cu sistemul de tip online GPE, existent deja, s-au adaugat acum posibilități de plata cu terminale bancare de la majoritatea băncilor din Romănia, între care: Banca Transilvania, BRD, Garanti Bank, OTP Bank, Reffeisen Bank, ING Bank.


Payments with Cryptocurrency directly at POS

From this year, SmartCash POS is compatible with the latest electronic payment technologies and the currencies of the future. Payment with Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrencies is made instantly, through the GoCrypto service and the Elly wallet, without any blockchain waiting time. GoCrypto Login Details

Plata cu Criptomonede in SmartCash POS

Connecting the cash registers to the ANAF servers

SmartCash POS is compatible with all models of cash registers approved for the second phase of cash register implementation with the ANAF server.


Integration with quick orders processors

In cooperation with the new functions integrated in the SmartCash RMS API, the SmartCash POS system allows the automatic issuance of tax receipts for orders received online, using the principle of monitoring orders on tables or groups of orders, taking into account the maximum available delivery capacity.

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