SmartCash RMS

Premier software platform for retail in Romania

Unlimited retail formats

SmartCash Retail Management System is the only Romanian software platform that can be used for the management of any retail format, online or offline


Self-service multi departamental stores with sales area larger than 5000sqm with a minimum of 30 fast points of sale.


Self-service stores with sales area between 500 and 5000sqm with at most 20 fast points of sale.


Self-service stores with sales area between 100 and 500sqm, with up to a maximum of 3 points of sale.

Cash & Carry

Self-service warehouses and sales area larger than 2000sqm with a minimum of 3 fast billing points.


Warehouses with wholesale delivery having storage areas larger than 1000 sqm equipped with mobile data collection technology.


Online stores equipped with logistics delivery platforms for online orders from warehouses or collection points.

Store Network

Distributed store chains with centralized management and an unlimited number of points of sale.

Standalone Store

Manufacturer shops, small, individual stores, boutiques or street kiosks equipped with ultra-compact sales solutions.


Cafes, restaurants, catering facilities with self-service or fast food delivery, on self-service lines.





SmartCash Customers


Words from our customers

A few years ago, I went on the internet and by chance, I found the advertisement of this Romanian software company. I’m so glad I chose them. I am pleased to see that they are currently the best players on the market. I’m glad to see that I grew up with them. It helps me tremendously in the business I’m trying to run.
Bogdan Gheorghian

Owner - Minimarket Andras

With the change of our location, we decided to change also the management software. I can say that I started right in choosing this system because in the last few years since then, it has been a major help in the development of the company’s activity. With SmartCash RMS we have absolute control of the activity and employees. I can warmly recommend this program!

Ana Maria Marinescu

Administrator - Cash & Carry Maurana

SmartCash RMS


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