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State-of-the-art BI application for SmartCash RMS store networks

SmartCash Oxygen is the BI application for analyzing data from SmartCash RMS store networks.

Developed using the most modern analysis platforms of the moment, QlikView or Qlik Sense, the application includes in the standard package, all the multidimensional analyzes necessary to manage a retail business.

If necessary, you can of course develop customized analysis sets, ready to answer the questions of retail managers.


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SmartCash Oxygen strengths


Easy to use

SmartCash Oxygen uses a revolutionary analysis engine. All you need is a mouse or a touchscreen display to find out anything. If you know how to search on Google, you will surely do it!


Real-time BI update

Unlike other data analysis solutions, which require intermediate times for data processing and preparation, SmartCash Oxygen works instantly. As soon as the information in the network has been centralized, updated analyzes based on it are immediately available.


Overview of the entire activity

Due to the n-dimensional nature of the analysis, with SmartCash Oxygen you will have a continuous perspective on the entire activity. You can start an analysis, for example, from a customer’s behavior, to reach his profit rate or even the cashiers he interacted with in the sales process. And that with just a simple mouse click.


Powerful tool for negotiating with suppliers

Using SmartCash Oxygen, you will never be caught unprepared in negotiations with suppliers. For each product in their portfolio, you benefit from profitability analyzes and sales tops, for any time intervals. In this way, you will look at the promotions or ranges of products proposed for purchase with different eyes.


SmartCash Oxygen is available in two distribution versions: Small Business and Enterprise.

SmartCash Oxygen Small Business addresses small networks with up to 50 stores and is used locally, installed on a workstation. A separate license must be purchased for each separate user. The price of the license varies depending on the number of stores in the network.

SmartCash Oxygen Enterprise addresses large store networks, with analytics distributed to users via a QlikView or QlikSense server. In this way, the application is licensed per server, one license for each distinct network of stores.

Local License

Permanent license to be installed on each workstation on which SmartCash Oxygen is used. The license is valid for one Windows user only. If several different people work on the same workstation, a separate license must be purchased for each.

Server License

Permanent license, which is installed on the QlikView or QlikSense server running the SmartCash Oxygen Enterprise application. A separate license must be purchased for each SmartCash RMS store hosted on the server.


To use SmartCash Oxygen licenses on a rental basis, payment must be made in advance, for periods of 12 months. The rent must be paid for each workstation and for each user depending on the number of stations/users used. Annual software maintenance is included in the rent.

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