Using SmartCash POS application and Viva Wallet payment services through Magister’s PAX Q30 terminal, you have access to the fastest electronic payment technology on the market.


SmartCash POS Card Payments


Instant payment processing

Less than 2 seconds elapse between the moment your customer authorized the card payment and its confirmation, followed by the listing of the tax receipt! Compare this to the interval of at least 15 seconds required by any other banking terminal on the market. With SmartCash POS and Viva Wallet, the flash processing of card payments, shorter queues and more satisfied customers is ensured.


All-In-One Solution

Magister card payment solution is delivered with your sales system, benefiting from exactly the same installation and maintenance conditions as the entire solution. Goodbye phones to various providers when something does not work at the payment terminal! Now the entire card payment system is built into SmartCash POS and whatever happens will work perfectly, as you are used to with our solutions.


Full control over payment acceptance fees

Acceptance fees are fully transparent, using interchange +++ scheme. However, Viva Wallet is the only payment provider that offers you the possibility to win back the acceptance fees, which can reach up to 0% of the value of the card transactions! Use your Viva Wallet digital debit card to pay for your business expenses and start earning back the acceptance fees with the money credited to your Viva Wallet account.


Intuitive interface for controlling your payments

As soon as your merchant account has been activated in the Viva Wallet platform, you will receive your own IBAN account in which all your receipts will be paid daily. Processed payments are displayed instantly, and can be segmented into stores or outlets, so you have perfect accounting for payment transactions. Using Viva Wallet for card payments, your accountant will love you!

Payment clearance fee is set by Viva Wallet. An additional ISV fee of 0.1% is added by Magister.
Learn more about the terms and conditions here.

Enable Online Card Payment

Please send us, using the form below, the list of all stores where you want to activate card payment via SmartCash POS and Viva Wallet, using the PAX Q30 terminal.

You will be contacted as soon as possible to open an account on the Viva Wallet platform.

Our company will then deliver the necessary terminals and install them in each location.

Card Payment Activation Request

Telephone Activation

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Card Payment in SmartCash POS using the PAX Q30 terminal

PAX Q30 - Terminalul de plata ultrarapid de la Magister
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