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For points of sale equipped with touchscreen or keyboard

SmartCash POS is the application from the SmartCash RMS suite responsible for selling products with a tax receipt as a computerized cash register.

SmartCash POS has user interfaces designed for all existing commercial formats, from ultra-fast supermarket variants to restaurants or cafes.

In the Enterprise distribution version there is also an interface version for self-checkout points of sale.

SmartCash POS is the longest-running application in the suite, using a multitouch interface since the launch of the first version, almost 18 years ago, long before the advent of smartphones.

Video Presentation

SmartCash POS Barcode Sale

SmartCash POS - Vanzarea produselor dupa codul de bare


SmartCash POS strengths


Adaptability to any retail format by simple reconfiguration

Using SmartCash POS you no longer have to worry about operating mixed commercial formats. By reconfiguring, the same application can be used, at no additional cost, both in stores and restaurants, on fast food service lines, or on automatic cash & carry belts. You can use it both on POS touch screen systems and on classic low-cost variants with keyboard. And if you want to enter the self-checkout era, it’s no problem, the application is ready for direct interaction with the end customer.


Uncompromising speed and reliability

22 years of experience in POS sales, under the pressure of retail time have led to an extremely reliable product, easy to use and optimized for high operating speed. For maximum reliability, all hardware components integrated with SmartCash POS: fiscal printers, barcode scanners, scales, etc., are controlled directly without the use of third-party software components. Thus we ensure that the reliability of the product as a whole remains constant and controllable, regardless of the number of new features that are integrated into the product month by month.


Optimized interface according to principle 1, 2, 3!

This design principle of the POS interface, introduced by our company since the first version of this product, means that for any operation, no matter how complex, a maximum of 3 interactions are used. You will not find in SmartCash POS complicated interfaces, difficult for users to understand. Our goal is for a child to be able to use SmartCash POS without any training.


You can sell from anywhere, staying permanently connected to your store

Thanks to the LiveSync synchronization technology developed by our company, the terminals equipped with SmartCash POS can be used in distributed configurations, making sales as if they were inside the store to which they belong. You can thus sell in the same way, mobile, on the street, at exhibitions, in stadiums, in street kiosks or inside your own supermarket keeping strict control of the activity on the console in the back office of your store.


In general, SmartCash POS application is pre-installed on POS systems delivered by our company under OEM licensing. This is the most appropriate way because the configuration of each point of sale has a particular impact on the overall reliability of the point of sale. In this case, the application is licensed for each POS terminal on which the program is used separately.

The following commercial licensing options are available, permanent or rental.


Permanent license that can be installed on any POS terminal belonging to the beneficiary’s company. The license can be moved freely, at no additional cost to any other terminal belonging to the company on which it is registered. Annual software maintenance is separate and is calculated per installation location.


Permanent license, which can be purchased exclusively pre-installed on a new device, provided by Magister. The OEM license is valid only for the device on which it was preinstalled and can be moved at no additional cost to another device provided by the same company. Annual software maintenance is separate and is calculated per installation location.


To use SmartCash Shop rental licenses, payment must be made in advance for 12 months. The rent must be paid for each POS terminal separately or for each RDP user depending on the number of terminal/users. Annual software maintenance is included in the rent.

SmartCash POS versions

For points of sale with cashier or in self-checkout mode

Video Presentation

SmartCash POS inside ECO Self Checkout 

Magister Easy Checkout

SmartCash RMS


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