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For centralized store chains or unified eCommerce platforms

SmartCash HQ is the application in the SmartCash RMS suite responsible for store chain management.

Along with the ecosystem of automation and web interconnection services for shop headquarters, SmartCash HQ provides unified control of store networks with an unlimited number of units.

Any network of SmartCash stores can include both classic stores and one or more online stores. SmartCash HQ is also the operational control center of eCommerce platforms, using the same tools as in the case of offline stores.


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SmartCash HQ strengths


Masterdata unified management

Thanks to the advanced design, with SmartCash HQ you can manage large volumes of data, in a unified interface, which instantly provides all the details in order to make the best decisions. Product listing is naturally coupled with information about suppliers, purchase prices, or promotions, using an elaborate accelerated display system.


Price clusters

The management of pricing policies or promotions can be done using price clusters. An area of ​​network stores can be dynamically allocated to such a cluster, thus reducing the workload related to the current maintenance of prices. In addition, an excellent speed of propagation of price changes in the physical network of stores is ensured.


Suppliers management

SmartCash HQ is the ideal application for a buyer. From managing procurement contracts at a negotiated price level per SKU to implementing vendor promotions on the shelf, everything is integrated with multidimensional information across the system for quick and informed decisions.
By linking EDI with most FMCG providers and Invoice Control platforms, a company equipped with SmartCash HQ has state-of-the-art tools to address the relationship with suppliers.


Native integration with e-commerce

For SmartCash RMS, an online store is treated exactly like any other store on the network. It can have differentiated pricing policies or promotions, using a separate price cluster. And of course, an unlimited number of different online stores can be integrated simultaneously in the same network of stores. Everything is controlled as a unit, in a multichannel architecture, using the SmartCash HQ application within the SmartCash RMS suite.


SmartCash HQ is licensed for each station on which the program is used separately, for standalone PCs connected to a central server, or for each different user (RDP user), for Windows Remote Desktop Services sau Citrix Virtual Apps solutions. 

The following commercial licensing options are available, permanent or rental.



Permanent license that can be installed on any station belonging to the beneficiary’s company. The license can be moved freely, at no additional cost to any other station or server belonging to the company on which it is registered or to any other user connected simultaneously to the same server (RDP User). Annual software maintenance is separate and is calculated per installation location.


Permanent license, which can be purchased exclusively pre-installed on a new device, provided by Magister. The OEM license is valid only for the device on which it was preinstalled and can be moved at no additional cost to another device provided by the same company. Annual software maintenance is separate and is calculated per installation location.


To use the SmartCash HQ rental licenses, payment must be made in advance for periods of 12 months. The rent must be paid for each workstation or for each RDP user depending on the number of stations/users. Annual software maintenance is included in the rent.


SmartCash Lynx

In cooperation with the SmartCash HQ program, the application is responsible for all the process automation that a store network headquarter requires.

SmartCash Lynx is an essential component of every location operated with the SmartCash RMS platform. In the shopping centers it ensures the background transmission of data updates to the stores, the management of the planned prices, maintenance and control activities. SmartCash Lynx runs in the background as a Windows Service.

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