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The professional solution for moving the activity on the field, in the vicinity of the goods

SmartCash Mobility is the software component that underlies the mobile data collection solution in the SmartCash RMS suite.

It consists of two software components: SmartCash Mobility Server, integrated in all SmartCash Shop distributions that operate with stock, and SmartCash Mobility for Android, the application that runs on mobile terminals in the field.

SmartCash Mobility surpasses other solutions for mobile data collection, as it is practically an extension of all the functionalities available in the SmartCash Shop program in the field.

With SmartCash Mobility you can make inventories, receptions or returns, process delivery orders and label products on the shelf. The number of practical applications of the solution is unlimited, being possible both scenarios of use inside the store and remotely, via the Internet.

Receptia de marfa cu terminalul mobil Android Mobility 95W


SmartCash Mobility strengths


Extending the activity from the back office to the field, where all the action is

Far from being a simple application for mobile data collection, SmartCash Mobility teams up with the SmartCash Shop program, being in fact an extension of it in the field. All operations involving goods, which can be performed from the back office, have an equivalent in the mobile application. Whether they are reception or sales operations, or shelf checks, all are possible from the field, with maximum speed reducing human error to a minimum.


Unlimited speed and scalability

In cooperation with the SmartCash Mobility server, developed on a multi-instance microservice architecture, hundreds of mobile terminals can be connected to the store system simultaneously. Their number is limited only by the capacity of the WIFI network through which they connect.


Secured user access to information

SmartCash Mobility users are subject to the same restrictions and access rights as those operating in back office stations. In the back office or for a chain of stores in the head office, the modules to which users have access and the level of access to the data displayed for each module are established.


You can use the mobile terminal anywhere via the internet

The mobile terminals provided by our company, in addition to the merit of being robust, are also smart phones. Thus, by adding a mobile data connection, you can access your data with SmartCash Mobility from anywhere. You can thus use the application for early receipt of goods for example, or why not, for “mystery shopping” activities.


SmartCash Mobility server license is included in the price of any of the Standard, Cluster, Professional or Enterprise versions of SmartCash Shop program as well as of course the SmartCash HQ program.

SmartCash Mobility application for Android is available exclusively pre-installed on mobile terminals provided by our company under OEM licensing. The application is licensed for each mobile terminal separately.

The following commercial licensing option is available.


Permanent license, which can be purchased exclusively pre-installed on a new mobile terminal, provided by Magister. The OEM license is valid only for the device on which it was preinstalled and can only be moved at no additional cost to another mobile terminal provided by the same company. Annual software maintenance is separate and is calculated per installation location.

SmartCash Mobility Functions

Functions available on mobile terminals

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