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SmartCash Everywhere defines the suite of web service technologies, through which SmartCash RMS platform exchanges data in real time, with third-party applications and with the other software components in the suite, installed remotely in the stores network.

Within this component, there are two distinct applications: SmartCash Everywhere Standard Server, intended for fast, real-time communications within the store network, and SmartCash Everywhere REST Server, which implements a REST API JSON web endpoint for third-party applications.



SmartCash Everywhere strengths


JSON REST interface latest generation API

SmartCash RMS platform interface with other applications is implemented through the latest available technology. It is a complete, ultra-scalable independent web server that allows bidirectional access to all data available in the store network. Using a modern JSON syntax, the REST server ensures the serialized, paginated transfer of data between the SmartCash RMS platform and an unlimited number of different applications simultaneously. In turn, applications can transmit data to the store network, and unlimited integration variants can be implemented.


Real time communications within the store network

Thanks to the Everywhere Standard service, networked stores can exchange real-time data with each other, thus ensuring global functions such as: synchronizing real stock in the network, centralizing instant sales in stores with extremely low latency, centralized validation of virtual payment instruments, etc.


Extensive documentation available online

Our company provides integrators with extremely detailed documentation of all methods implemented within the SmartCash Everywhere REST Server. All technical information is provided online through the SmartCash Community website. A public test server is also available to developers, at


State of the art solution for integration with eCommerce sites

The REST JSON protocol is the backbone of the modern Internet. Using the same technology, SmartCash API provides eCommerce developers with a familiar, highly robust environment for connecting with their own applications.


SmartCash Everywhere Standard Server, is licensed together with the SmartCash HQ program, intended for storefronts, being a basic component of a SmartCash storefront.

SmartCash Everywhere REST Server, includes two distributions, available with permanent or rental licenses.

The types of licenses available are as follows.



Permanent license to be purchased for each SmartCash Everywhere REST Server instance. The license can be moved freely, at no additional cost to any other car belonging to the company on which it is registered. Annual software maintenance is separate and is calculated per installation location.


To use SmartCash Everywhere REST Server licenses on a rental basis, payment must be made in advance, for periods of 12 months. The rent must be paid for each server instance. Annual software maintenance is included in the rent.


SmartCash Everywhere REST Server versions

An ERP distribution always includes eCommerce distribution methods. To access the API documentation and test server, you must register with the SmartCash Community and request access to the SmartCash RMS Integrators group. An NDA must be signed in advance, the data of which you can send using the following form.

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