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The new SmartCash RMS version focuses on the automation of data exchange with ANAF

The main challenge of this year for all economic operators is the digitization of the relationship with the tax authorities.

That’s why, in the 2023 version of the SmartCash RMS platform, we tried, and we hope we succeeded, to completely automate the data exchange with ANAF, intelligently using the API services provided by the authorities.

We thus want to ease the burden of tax reporting as much as possible so that our clients can focus on what is most important: their own business.


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Automatic reporting in the eInvoice and eTransport system

The data exchange engine with the tax authorities, called SmartCash ANAF Connector, now automatically processes all relevant documents issued in the system and publishes them in the eInvoice and eTransport system. We have also added a carrier management module, necessary for managing UIT numbers.

Raportarea in sistemul ANAF eFactura si eTransport - SmartCash ANAF Connector


SmartCash BookKeeping Connector

Using the new automatic module intended for the usual general accounting programs, the transactions registered in the SmartCash RMS system arrive in programs such as Saga or OmniData at the level of detail required for the generation of SAF-T statements. The new module responsible for this automation is called SmartCash BookKeeping Connector, being designed to operate both from stores chain central and for independent stores.


Native support for electronic shelf labeling

With version 2023, users can choose directly from the product catalog how the items will be displayed on the shelf: with printed labels or with ESL electronic labels. The display template can also be selected from here. The ESL technology used is the best worldwide, coming from the Solum company on e-Ink Newton labels.

NEWTON: Journey Into Retail 4.0 with Newton LITE | SOLUM Electronic Shelf Labels


A new loyalty program for targeted volume promotions

The new loyalty pattern 5 implemented in SmartCash RMS 2023 allows the generation of loyalty systems for customers with loyalty cards by granting discounts or shelf promotions available exclusively for them. Loyalty is natively integrated, ensuring the easy modification of promotions and their immediate propagation on the tax receipt.

Promotii de volum exclusive pentru posesorii de card in SmartCash RMS


Compatibility SAF-T Stocks

With a new calculation engine for deposit slips, capable of managing thousands of movements per second, with the breakdown of all operations by VAT rates, SmartCash RMS 2023 provides accountants with stock turnover slips compatible with SAF-T reporting at the level of highest detail.


The new electronic licensing model

The Magister licensing model is now based on digital licenses, automatically validated via the Internet. Customers have access at any time to their SmartCash RMS license portfolio through the website. The annual maintenance is calculated only for the licenses used. For closed stores or in the process of relocation, you can deactivate the licenses during this time, software maintenance being suspended upon payment. In this way, the principle “you only pay for what you use” is implemented.


SmartCash in Cloud

With version 2023, SmartCash RMS is also available in the cloud. The applications available for rent from the cloud correspond to the top distribution versions, being accessible through a simple modern web browser. The Magister Cloud solution provides an operating interface similar to the classic, local one, making this version extremely accessible to customers familiar with the SmartCash RMS ecosystem. The HTML5 operating interface is an extremely modern one based on WebSockets, ensuring an instant response to user interaction.


The Android mobile application is now friendlier and easier to use

With the new version, SmartCash Mobility for Android also benefited from an important optimization. Thus, the interaction with the virtual keyboard is much improved, its different modes of appearance being managed automatically. Security support for Android version 11 has also been updated.


SmartCash POS


Integrated with Magister Cloud system

With the new version, the SmartCash POS application is now fully compatible with the Magister Cloud infrastructure. Thus, through the SmartCash LiveSync technology, any POS system can safely synchronize with Magister Cloud, ensuring the rapid propagation of master data changes at the level of distributed sales systems over the Internet. At the same time, the resulting commercial transactions are quickly uploaded to the cloud, from where they will be managed with the well-known applications.


Activation of the exit gates by direct POS scanning of receipt

In the case of the self-checkout version, it is now possible to activate the opening of the electromechanical gate commanded directly by the SmartCash POS system by scanning the tax receipt directly at the scanner used for the products. In this way, the attempts of theft through “partial payment” that are unfortunately so widespread, especially in student environments, are eliminated.

SmartCash RMS


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