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Increased processing capacity.
Process automation using artificial intelligence.
Reducing human resource costs for repetitive tasks.
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Reducing store operating costs is the goal of the new SmartCash RMS version
The socio-economic challenges of the health crisis are related, especially in retail, to the reduction of trade margins and the declining availability of qualified human resources.

Under these conditions, the answer of the 2022 version of the SmartCash RMS platform is to reduce operating costs by high process automation and eliminate as much as possible the human component from repetitive processes.

We wanted to transmit as much as possible to our small and medium clients the unique experience gained in the field of operating hypermarket formats.


SmartCash Shop & SmartCash HQ Multistore

Extension of process automation in almost all SmartCash Shop distributions

The process automation engine has been extended to most SmartCash Shop distribution versions. Thus, even small stores can reduce their operating costs by automating repetitive processes. Automation of shelf labeling and programming of digital scales is now available starting with the SmartCash Shop Standard version. Feature Matrix SmartCash RMS 2022

SmartCash Fast Report Server

Now creating and distributing new reports using the accumulated data is also possible at the user level. You can create your own reports and publish them using the new SmartCash FastReport Server for the entire store network. Reports generated on the server can be used from the SmartCash Shop or SmartCash HQ program or can be opened via a web interface.

Suport complet pentru atribute si produse variabile

Variable products, primarily needed for online commerce, have been fully integrated with the SmartCash eCommerce Framework. Now defining variable online products by size, color or other abstract attributes is easily done from SmartCash HQ and they are replicated in seconds on the coupled eCommerce site. The process greatly simplifies online administration, now focusing exclusively on SEO techniques.
Atribute, Produse Generice si Produse Variabile in SmartCash RMS

Full integration with the METRO Cash & Carry logistics platform

For our customers who supply from the METRO network, we have created the most advanced automated data exchange tools with the supplier. Using the latest generation of the METRO API, billing with hundreds of lines is now done in just a few seconds.
Receptia de marfa prin interfata API METRO in magazinele LaDoiPasi

The new WYSIWYG label editor

The central label editing and printing module has been completely redesigned. Now users can change their own label layouts, making other editing solutions unnecessary and minimizing the time required to inform the store.
Editorul de etichete din SmartCash RMS

Adding new items or modifying existing ones directly from a networked store

For store chains, connecting an existing store to the network has always been a challenge, as items that did not yet exist in the central nomenclature had to be added to the central store first. Now everything is simpler because this operation can be done directly from the store, ensuring the necessary speed and consistency in a network of stores.

Automation of continuous database maintenance processes

By including the new SmartCash Housekeeping service in the SmartCash RMS distribution, all background database maintenance activities are now fully automated. Databases that are tens or hundreds of GB in size will respond just as quickly every day. Data storage and management capacity has thus increased by over 1000%.

Viva Wallet card payment links for delivery orders or invoices

For card payment of products ordered before delivery, Viva Wallet’s internet card payment link services have been integrated. Using this mechanism, you can send to the customer by e-mail in a few seconds a link to the address of the online payment page for the ordered products.


SmartCash POS

Automatic recognition of the age of 18 at self checkout systems

In the version of SmartCash POS Enterprise, intended for ECO self checkout systems, when selecting products with age limit, now the minimum age required by law is automatically detected through a webcam connected to the POS system. Using artificial intelligence, the detection lasts less than a second, thus relieving the maintenance staff of repetitive confirmations of customers’ age.

Audio feedback of self checkout operations

ECO systems in cooperation with the SmartCash POS Enterprise program are the friendliest self checkout systems on the market. The user does not even have to look at the screen while scanning the products. The differentiated sounds by types of operations guide it automatically, resulting in short operating times and minimal dependence on surveillance personnel.


Full integration of the card payment in the POS system

The integration of PAX Q30 pin-pad devices into SmartCash POS systems, along with state-of-the-art payment services from Viva Wallet, moves the electronic payments subsystem to the core of the POS solution. Thus, Magister is the only solution provider that offers its customers in a unit package both the sales solution and the card payment extension, guaranteeing validation times of less than one second and a card payment reporting system without comparison. Viva Wallet Signup Details
PAX Q30 - Terminalul de plata ultrarapid de la Magister


Payment with Cryptocurrency through Binance Pay

Using integration with GoCrypyo, most cryptocurrencies available on the market are now accepted for payment, from Bitcoin (BTC) to eGold (EGLD) via Binance Wallet, the most widespread wallet of its kind on the planet. GoCrypto Login Details
Plata cu criptomoneda EGLD si Binance Pay in SmartCash POS

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